How do I use CloudFlare as my DNS manager?

CloudFlare is an awesome DNS manager and website performance enhancer. CloudFlare dramtatically improves website performance through their global CDN and web optimization features. It also has WAF, DDoS protection, and SSL to defend website owners and their visitors from all types of online threats. CloudFlare's network helps identify visitor and bot behavior that isn't accessible to conventional analytics technology. To get started with CloudFlare, you can register for free at Assuming you're now registered with CloudFlare, you can continue following the setup instructions below.

  1. Sign into CloudFlare
  2. On the right side, click +Add Site
  3. In the text box, enter your domain (only
  4. Click the green Begin Scan button and allow it to scan
  5. Once completed, click the green Continue Setup button
  6. Remove everything automatically inputed
  7. In the dropdown menu, choose an A Record
  8. Name: / IPv4 Address: Our shared IP Address
  9. Keep Automatic TTL and click Add Record
  10. Next, in the dropdown menu, choose CNAME Record
  11. Name: www / Domain Name:
  12. Keep Automatic TTL and click Add Record
  13. Next, at the bottom, click the green Continue button
  14. Choose the first option, Free Website, then Continue
  15. CloudFlare now generates nameservers for you
  16. Go to your domain registrar and edit your nameservers
  17. Copy and past the ones CloudFlare generated for you
  18. Finally, wait for your DNS to propagate which is generally 10 minutes

If you are still having trouble and require further assistance. Please submit a ticket to the Technical Support Department and they will assist you. Note: We may ask for your CloudFlare login information to further review what's going on in order to provide you with the best resolution possible.


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